Rice Husk Hammer Mill

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Model SFSP56*36 SFSP56*40 SFSP60*30  SFSP60*38  SFSP60*45  SFSP60*60  SFSP60*75
Capacity(t/h) 0.5-1 1-1.5 0.5-1 1-2 2-3 3-4 5-6
Diameter of rotor(mm) 560 560 600 600 600 600 600
Width of chamber(mm) 360 400 300 380 450 600 750
Hammer QTY 20 24 24 32 64 88 112
Speed of rotor(r/mi) 2980 2980 2980 2980 2980 2980 2980
Power(kw) 22/30 30/37 18.5/22 22/37 45/55 55/75 90

Rice Husk Hammer Machine Introduction

This rice husk hammer machine is designed to grind granule-shaped materials such as corn, rice, grin, rice husk, etc. This rice husk grading machine is an ideal grinding equipment for its high output, working smoothly, safety and reliability, convenient to assemble and disassemble. It is widely used in those factories which process food or feedstuff.

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This rice husk grinding machine is endowed with many advantages compared to other kinds of crushers such as large reduction rate, high production capacity, even crushed effects, low energy consumption, and simple structure, etc. It can be used to crush hard, soft, and weakly corrosive materials. After crushing, raw materials are uniform and with proper moisture content to meet further processing.

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Rice Husk Grinder Features


1. High efficiency with stable performance, can be continuous crushing.

2. Widely used in many areas and suitable for a lot of raw materials.

3. Durable in use and long service time.

4. Reasonable compact structure. Easy to install and operate. Change of the spare parts is convenient.

5. Small vibration with low noise.

6. High capacity with low energy consumption.

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Rice Husk Hammer Mill Working Principle

The rice husk hammer mill applies a direct-connect drive. The motor rotating at high speed spreads out hammerheads through coupling. The raw materials in the grinding room are broken into pieces by hammer-head striking and cutting. Besides, the attrition among materials and between material and sieve plate makes materials smashed more. Finely ground particles will pass through the sieve but the residues further are ground until they change enough to pass the sieve mesh. So, all the materials will be ground completely.
Raw materials are input on the top of the machine, and then they enter in the grinding room through a feeding guide plate. The machine looks like water dripping so it is named a Globule Shape hammer-head grinder.

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