Paddy Pre Cleaner

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Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
SCY63 5-10 0.75 330 1450*840*1320
SCY80 12-15 1.1 420 1690*1000*1560
SCY100 15-20 0.75 530 1920*1200*1840
SCY125 20-35 1.5 660 2255*1450*2060
SCY150 40-60 1.5 790 2310*1760*2560
SCY180 60-80 3 1000 3450*2150*2730

Paddy Pre-cleaner Machine Introduction

This model paddy pre-cleaner machine is one of the grain cleaning machine used in the first step for all the rice mill plant with good working efficiency. It is designed to clean raw material in rice milling plant and feedstuff plant, mainly removing the large impurities such as stalk, clods, fragments of brick or stone, to ensure the quality of material and prevent the next equipment from damage, which has high efficiency in pre-cleaning paddy, corn, soybean, wheat, sorghum, and other grain.

 paddy cleaner for rice processing machine

Paddy Pre-cleaner Machine Working Principle

This rice cleaning machine working principle of the preliminary cleaning screen is that the material falls from the feeding mechanism into the chute, passes through the running circular screen, and the coarse impurities screened by the garden screen flow out from the special outlet. 

 paddy cleaner for rice processing plant

The sieved material passes through the magnetic fence to remove the ferromagnetic debris mixed in the material. The magnetically-selected material sucks away dust and impurities through the air suction system and is taken out by the auger and the wind shut off.

 paddy cleaner for rice mill plant

Paddy Pre-cleaner Machine Application Range

This cleaning machine is mainly used in the rice mill production line, flour mill production line, oil press production line as the first step to clean the materials first, this one can choose to use in the line, good working efficiency to work. 

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