HZXZ Rice Rotary Vibrating Screen

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Model Specifications/
Technical Parameter
(Screen size5*20mm)
(Screen size 4*16mm)
Screen area
Rotating speed
HZXZ150*250-2L 10-30 5-25 3.75 320 3 2850 2988*2205*2105
HZXZ150*250-3L 10-30 5-25 3.75 320 3 2950 2988*2205*2105
HZXZ200*250-2L 15-40 8-30 5 320 4 3100 2988*2705*2105
HZXZ200*250-3L 15-40 8-30 5 320 4 3250 2988*2705*2105
HZXZ200*300-2L 20-50 10-40 6 320 4 3450 3500*2800*2152
HZXZ200*300-3L 20-50 10-40 6 320 4 3600 3500*2800*2152
HZXZ200*360-2L 25-60 15-50 7.2 320 4 3800 4100*2800*2152
HZXZ200*360-3L 25-60 15-50 7.2 320 4 4050 4100*2800*2152

Rice Rotary Vibrating Screen Introduction

The rotary vibrating screen is one of rice cleaner. It is mainly used for the initial cleaning of large output of rice and wheat before entering the warehouse, the cleaning of drying feed, and the processing and cleaning of the pipeline of the rice processing workshop. It can be suitable for all kinds of rice, various scenes, various requirements of rice and wheat cleaning. It is very popular in rice processing plant.

rotary vibrating screen for rice mill plant

The rice cleaner is widely used in food, chemical, wine, and other industries. It has high overall strength, large output, good cleaning and grading effect, universal joint hanger, strong and durable, with feeding uniform material device, metal screen lattice easy to load and unload, bearing free. It works better with the wind separator.

rotary vibrating screen for rice processing machine
Rice Rotary Vibrating Screen Features

1. Suitable for cleaning large and small materials of large output, widely used in food, chemical, wine, and other industries

2. High overall strength, large output, good cleaning and grading effect

3. Universal joint boom, strong and durable

4. With feed homogenizer

5. Easy loading and unloading of metal screen

6. Combined material line realizes circular, elliptical, and linear motion, providing production efficiency

7. Visual observation port to observe production situation in real-time

8. Laser cutting ensures the quality and precision of sheet metal parts

9. Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding process

10. The bouncing ball moves without dead angle, eliminating all possible blocking

11. Imported spherical roller bearings, high-precision processing of shaft center and bushing, use Mobil high temperature resistant lubricating oil, effectively control the temperature of the transmission structure during continuous production period, and ensure long-term stable operation.

12. Brand motors have reliable quality and stable output

rotary vibrating screen for rice mill plants
HZXZ Rice Cleaning Machine Working Principle

This machine uses the filter method to separate the size of the material. After the material from the feed pipe into the eccentric tube, scattered in bulk material plate. Bulk material with vibration sieve plate, the material evenly into the feed load on the floor, and along the screen on the bottom flow to the top. Large impurities along the upper surface of the screen into the large miscellaneous and export outside of the machine. The sieve material through the upper sieve falls onto the next screen. The small impurities through the sieve hole to the floor above the screen box and the fine miscellaneous export machine outside.

rotary vibrating screen for rice mill rotary vibrating screen for rice process plants

HZXZ High-Frequency Vibration Cleaning Sieve Applications

1. This machine together with the aspiration channel or recycling aspiration system is widely applied in rice mills and silos storage cleaning sections.

2. It is also successfully used in feed mills, seeds cleaning plants, oilseed cleaning plants, cocoa bean and cocoa nibs grading systems in chocolate factories, and other plants.

3. Food processing and feed manufacturing industries. The pure material flows directly into the net material outlet along the lower surface of the sieve.

rotary vibrating screen for rice mill plants (2) rotary vibrating screen for rice processing machines

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