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Item/model Capacity(kg)paddy(580/m3) Dimension(mm)
5H-10 3.5-10 5704*3814*9979
5H-15 3.5-15 5704*3814*11304
5H-20 5-20 6206*4652*10755
5H-30 5-30 6206*4652*12795
5H-40 5-40 6206*4652*15426
5H-50 5-50 8043*4726*18918
5H-100 20-100 9603*6854*18182
5H-130 20-130 9603*6854*21332

Low Temperature Parboiled Rice Dryer Machine Introduction

This rice dryer is a professional grain dryer machine for drying various grains like rice, wheat, corn, beans, and others. It is usually used in Parboiled Rice Mill Plant.


This rice dryer uses forced dispersion devices and multi-vessel rotary valves to keep quantitative circulation feed, drying on the thin layer to keep seeds and grain to be dried sufficiently. Big suction fan to make high drying efficient, use grant screw conveyor, PVC steel bucket, stainless steel mesh sieve to keep durability. 

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Designs with dryer tower model to keep the grains in layer structure with large capacity and high drying efficiency.

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It uses low temperatures to do the rice dryer working, can make the good quality grain seed, and high-quality seed. And for this machine work will not damage the grains and also keep its taste well just dry their inside moisture, good working machine.

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