Mini Paddy Dryer

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Model 5AH-1
Capacity per batch 1t
Drying capacity 2-3ton/day
Total power 6kw
Type of heating Hot air furnace (Coal,charcoal),diesel combustion engine,gas combustion engine
Total weight 900kg
Brand Hongjia

Mini Paddy Dryer Introduction

This mini paddy dryer is mainly used to dry grain paddy in parboiled rice mill plant. Based on our rice engineering experience and traditional technology, we improved the transmission system and the material breaking device and finally improved the rice dryer efficiency and overall performance of the grain dryer. The whole rice grain dryer consists of a feeding device, drying warehouse, environmentally, friendly coal-fired hot stove and air supply system, electric control system, etc.
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The grain dryer machine consists of a two-level spiral quick delivery, often used for drying some grains, such as rice, wheat, corn, soybean, and so on. We also provide customers with rice grain machines, corn dryer machines.
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The first level delivers the materials quickly into the barrel, and the second level continuously rapid lift the raw material to the upper of the barrel and then throw the raw material with deliquesce scattered, while the hot air from the center of the barrel bottom blown out all around. Smoothly move the raw material from bottom to top to conduct a comprehensive heat transfer and dynamic drying process.
Mini Paddy Dryer
Because the raw materials inside the barrel are kept rolling, hot air continuously from the center to achieve mixing and drying simultaneously and can save time and energy.

The material of barrel, screw blade, shaft, tank, holder which contact part of the raw material all use stainless steel.
When need to clear material, just open the purging mouth, to make spiral reverse, and start drying fan then can clear material, easy to operate.
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Small Paddy Dryer Advantages

1.It has the characteristics of low-temperature control, energy-saving and pollution, low operating cost, large precipitation (one can be reduced to safe moisture), low cost, easy operation, and convenient movement.

2.Low cost of energy, excluding labor, usually 1-2 people.

3.Hot air system, air supply system, feeding device, lifting device, grain drainage device, dust removal system, electrical control system, mobile device system.

4.Free land-based, saving time investment, easy to use, and flexible, small footprint, with mobile devices, flexible and convenient place to work. The use of controlled temperature of pure hot air and food heat exchange.

5.Applicable to corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, rapeseed, and other grains. Drying cereal shiny bright, no paste, cracking rate is lower than the national standard corn standard 4%. Drying the finished rice, bursting rate below 2%, cracking rate of less than 4%, the machine is a commodity food dryer, to ensure maximum grain drying the highest burst rate, the color showed a natural state, Eliminate grain pollution.

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