Paddy Rice Dryer

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Model Capacity(t/batch) Precipitation rate/h Dimensions(mm)
5HGM-20H 20 1.2~1.5% 9630×4035×20300
5HGM-32H 32 1.2~1.5% 9630×4035×22500
5HGM-40H 40 1.2~1.5% 9630×4035×24600

Our paddy dryer is mainly used for raw paddy rice, steam paddy rice, and boiled paddy rice. When paddy rice is transported to the rice mill factory, it contains high levels of moisture. High-moisture paddy rice cannot be used for the next rice milling operation. It must be dried to the specified moisture content before it can be further processed into white rice in a rice mill machine. This can also greatly reduce the rate of broken rice and increase the output of whole rice.

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Get the Best & Latest Paddy Dryer Machine

Are you looking for paddy dryer machine to implement in your paddy parboiling plant? As a paddy dryer machine manufacturer, we produce the most quality, high performance and sustainable drier using the latest technology.

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Paddy Dryer Features

1. Minimum Maintenance
2. Low Energy Consumption
3. Flexible Modular Constructing
4. Large volume capacity available
5. Easy access throughout for inspection purpose
6. Extremely user friendly controls
7. Remarkably gentle processing of the grain
8. Optimum energy savings by circulating air and heat recovery
9. Scientifically fitted finned tubes provides, no heat loss
10. High performance fans and air heating technology
11. Highest quality material ensuring long life
12. Uniform product moisture by modern discharge technology
13. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
14. Quick and steady moisture removing without hurting paddy quality.

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Paddy Dryer Principle

Rice grains are prone to cracking in the presence of water. If the drying speed is too fast, the water will only leave the surface of the rice grains, and the rice grains will break faster. Therefore, the water in the inner layer of the rice must first diffuse to the surface and then leave. Our dryer follows this principle, sets up a precarious moisture inclination in the grain, as the surface is too much dry and the center despite everything wet, this outcome in moisture stress and the grain discharges the issue by cracking.

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