Small Rice Grain Dryer

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Model Capacity(kg) Power(kw) Heating Power(kw) Speed(r/min) Size(mm)
HBQFH500 500 3 12 350 Ø1200*2350
HBQFH1000 1000 4 20 350 Ø1600*2650
HBQFH1500 1500 4 20 350 Ø1700*3150
HBQFH2000 2000 5.5 30 350 Ø1750*3150
HBQFH3000 3000 7.5 40 350 Ø2200*3850
HBQFH5000 5000 11 50 350 Ø2400*4350

Small Rice Grain Dryer Introduction

This small rice grain dryer is mainly used to dry grain paddy in parboiled rice mill plant. The design of this rice mill dryer is two level spiral quick delivery. The first level deliver the materials quickly into the barrel, and  the second level continuously rapid lift the raw material to the upper of the barrel and then throw the raw material with deliquescence scattered, while the hot air from the center of the barrel bottom blown out all around. 

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Small Rice Grain Dryer Applications and Features

1. Synchronization of mixing and drying: As the material continues to flow during the drying process, the heat penetration is uniform, the drying time is short and it is not easy to knot;

2. The standard model of this series is double-layer barrel design (economical design is single-layer design), the inner layer is made of stainless steel material for the material contact part; the middle inter layer installation and special insulation materials, so it can achieve safety and energy saving effect;

3. Special high-frequency heater, fast heating and low power consumption

4. A special double-pipe moisture discharge port can effectively discharge moisture and collect dust without polluting the working environment;

5. Two-in-one dry mixing function, when drying is not required, just turn off the “heating switch” and “fan switch”, this series of models can be used for plastic mixing and homogenization purposes, one machine and two uses.

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