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Model Weighing Capacity Least count Platform Size
MWB205/73 20 tones 5 kg 7m*3m
MWB255/73 25 tones 5 kg 7m*3m
MWB305/93 30 tones 5 kg 9m*3m
MWB4010/93 40 tones 10 kg 9m*3m
MWB5010/123 50 tones 10 kg 12m*3m
MWB6010/163 60 tones 10 kg 16m*3m
MWB8020/183 80 tones 10 kg 18m*3m
MWB1020/203 100 tones 20 kg 20m*3m

Truck Weighbridge Introduction

A truck weighbridge is also called truck scales. It is a large scale which is set on the ground and usually used to weigh the tonnage of trucks. It is the main weighing equipment used by grain processing factories, mines, and merchants to measure bulk goods. The key component that uses a weighbridge to make the weigh measurement is load cells.

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Truck Weighbridge Benefits :

1. Costly Pit construction is eliminated.

2. Platform above ground level- No water logging during the rainy season.

3. Problem of pit maintenance is eliminated.

4. Easy maintenance since all parts accessible above ground level.

5. Robust Load Cells & Digitizers: The most important components of an electronic weighbridge are the load cells and digitizers. 

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