TQSS Series Paddy Destoner

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Model TQSS120 TQSS150
Capacity(t/h) 7-10 11-15
Power(Kw) 1.35 1.35
Air blow(m3/h) 7200-8400 7200-8400
Dimension(mm) 2070*1754*1946 2075*2386*2180

TQSS Series Paddy Destoner Introduction

This TQSS paddy destoner is mainly used in paddy processing plant for separating stone from raw grains utilizes the specific gravity difference between the grains and impurities. It adds a second cleaning device with an independent fan so that it can double-check the grains that contain the impurities such as scree from the main sieve. It separates grains from scree, increases stone-removing efficiency of destoner, and reduces loss of cereal.

This rice destoner machine is with novel design, firm and compact structure, small covering space. It is widely applicable for cleaning up the stones which have the same size as grains in the grain and oil mill processing. 

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TQSS Series Paddy Destoner Working Principle

1. Materials enter from an inlet and evenly spread out along the width through a curved surface dispersing plate and then dropdown.

2. Dropping materials are divided into two parts through a dispersing groove, and then enter the upper stoning wire screen and lower stoning wire screen respectively to carry out the separation.

3. Dust and light impurities are brought by negative airflow to a dust collector for settlement.

4. According to different characteristics of specific gravity, grain, and stone of similar size or shape like grain are separated by means of airflow, which upwards passes the clearance of grain kernels, so as to classify grain and stone. Stone and other heavy impurities drop down to the lower layer and move to the stone outlet under the action of a stoning plate.

5. The Mixture of grain classified by the upper sieve and stone drop into the stone removing area of the lower sieve, and then flow onto the sieve surface of the reselection mechanism from the stone outlet of the lower sieve.

6. The reselection mechanism separates stone from grain by means of the "pressure type" stoning principle, grain enters the stoner again and pre-separated, while stone is discharged from the machine.

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TQSS Series Paddy Destoner Feature

1.Two vibrating motors, with stable running, compact structure, steady mechanical performance.

2. Double-deck stone removing construction and secondary destining screen, better performance, and less grain content in stone.

3.The reselection destining screen is equipped with a built-in fan for blowing, so as to completely separate stone and grain.

4.With the air pressure indicator, air pressure, and air volume is adjustable.

5.The sieve cover is punched with a special stainless steel plate, good stone removing effect.

6.Suction type design, negative pressure in work, no dust escape.

7.Firm structure with tight sieve box, easily drawn out for cleaning or replacement.

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