NMJP White Rice Grader Machine

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Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
MMJP63*3 0.8-1.25 0.75 1462*740*1280
MMJP80*3 1.5-2 1.1 1600*1000*1315
MMJP100*3 2.5-3.3 1.1 1690*1090*1386
MMJP100*4 2.5-3.5 1.1 1690*1087*1420
MMJP112*3 3.5-4.2 1.1 1690*1208*1420
MMJP112*4 3.5-4.5 1.1 1690*1208*1420
MMJP125*3 4.5-5 1.5 1690*1458*1386
MMJP125*4 4.5-5.2 1.5 1690*1457*1420
MMJP150*4 5.5-6 1.5 1725*1580*1500


White Rice Grader Machine in Rice Mill Plant Introduction


This MMJP white rice grader machine is a rice processing machine for separating the broken rice and good rice from the final white rice used in the rice mill plant. This machine designs with 2layers or 3 layers or 4 layers screen for making the separate work according to clients’ different capacity needs. It can grade the white rice into three standards, highest standard, middle standard, and the broken rice, then for high standard rice can be packed directly, and the broken rice users can choose for other uses. 

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For the grader machine designs with a small motor so that work with low consumption, different layers with different size to make different standard separator work, high working efficiency, easy to operate, and use. 

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White Rice Grader Machine Application

This grader machine popular used in mini or large rice mill production lines to do good work, high working efficiency also can be used for other grain separators like corn wheat beans or other grains, for client home use or production line use is no problem. 

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MMJP Rice Grader Features

1.The machine screen body is made of food-grade stainless steel material, the whole screening process is clean without pollution. The use of stainless steel wire woven mesh, can according to different rice grain type configuration of different density screen

2.Complete grading of whole rice, mixture, small crushed and bran flour;

3.Using suspender structure, stable operation, durable, stable performance;

4.Sieve area, stroke setting scientific and reasonable, good selection effect and high processing capacity;

5.Simple installation, easy maintenance, low cost;

6.Equipped with air suction device, not only reduces the temperature of rice but also removes rice dust;

7.The screen grid adopts drawer type structure, which is convenient for users to adjust and replace sieve lattices with different pore diameters, suitable for different grain type rice grading needs;

8.Balanced center of gravity is adjustable, smooth operation, reliable mechanical performance;

9. Automatic cleaning sieve plates, sieve is not easy to plug.

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