MLGQ Rice Huller

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Rubber roller length(mm) 358 508 508 630
Rubber roller dia(mm) Ø255 Ø255 Ø255 Ø255
Capacity(t/h) 3-6 5-8 10-16 6-10
Power(kw) 7.5 11 11*2 15
Air volume(m3/h) 3200-3600 4800-5200 10000-10400 6000-6500
Weight(kg) 920 1100 2200 1250
Dimension(mm) 1365*1230*2300 1350*1350*2300 2270*1600*2200 1390*1410*2300

MLGQ Rice Huller Introduction

MLGQ Pneumatic rice huller is a newly developed rice processing machine to meet the requirements of modern rice milling machinery mechanical and electrical integration, new hulling equipment integration digital frontier technology. The rice mill huller machine has high automation, large output, good economic benefit, superior performance, stable and reliable operation. It is a necessary equipment for modern intensive large-scale rice production. The device has several different types to meet the different needs of customers.

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MLGQ Pneumatic Rice Huller Features


1.Superior performance, compact structure.

2. High degree of automation
In the absence of material, the rollers disengage automatically, In a material automatic folding rollers. Feed door and roller pressure is automatic controlled through the pneumatic device.

3. Convenient operation and adjustment.
Roller pressure can be adjusted directly by pressure regulating valve, material flow, and air volume are adjusted by adjusting the handle.

4. Using a new type of vibrating feeder with a frequency conversion function, feed flow can be adjusted according to the actual production. A new vibration feeder waterfall feeding, large flow, uniform feeding. With automatic tracking function of the lengthened drip board to ensure accurate feeding, make the rollers in the best condition, high hulling rate, large output. High degree of automation, simple and convenient operation.

5.The vertical suction duct to complete the traditional husk separation, large grain content is much lower than other bran husk separation device.

6. Adopting double sided V type transmission belt, smooth operation, small vibration, low noise.

7.International component configuration(Imported bearings, transmission belt, material level, solenoid valve, voltage regulator, cylinder, and other components, the motor can also be selected according to user needs, the product is durable and reliable.

8.New transmission, easy to operate, sturdy, and durable. Synchronous belt drive between gearbox and speed roller, no skid, no fall speed, high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable process results.

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MLGQ Rice Huller Applications

This rice huller machine is used to husk for paddy and millet. The principle depends on a pair of rubber rollers which have different line speed which with opposite direction moving to squeeze and twist & tear grain for husking adopting a pneumatic system to adjust tighten roller pressure air cylinder control roller by automatic detection and to push rubber roller’s touching and separating, easy to operate. The separating between the mixture of grain and husk through a suction blower by the different suspend speed.

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