HJHB Pneumatic Rubber Roller Huller

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Model HJHB10 HJHB10*2 HJHB12 HJHB12*2
Rubber roller length(mm) 254 254 300 300
Rubber roller dia(mm) Ø255 Ø255 Ø255 Ø255
Capacity(t/h) 3-7 6-12 4-7 8-14
Power(kw) 7.5 7.5*2 11 11*2
Air volume(m3/h) 3500-4000 7000-8000 4000-4500 8000-9000
Weight(kg) 750 1500 800 1600
Dimension(mm) 1630*910*2490 1630*870*2490 1630*1950*2490 1630*1855*2490

HJHB Pneumatic Rubber Roller Huller Introduction


The HJHB pneumatic rice rubber roller huller is mainly used in paddy hulling during the rice mill plant. It uses pneumatic components to control the feeding and elastic rubber rollers. It has superior performance, stable operation, high hulling rate, good sealing, and no dust spillage. It is an ideal special equipment for modern large-scale rice milling enterprises.

Incorporated the latest techniques at home and aboard as well as the researches on rice milling of our company, HJHB series rubber roller huller is proved to be perfect processing equipment for rice milling plant.

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HJHB Pneumatic Rubber Roller Huller Features


1.With double supporting construction, rubber rollers are not apt to be in different diameters of the two ends.

2.Shift gears through gearbox, keeping reasonable differential and sum of rollers peripheral speed between fast roller and slow roller, the husking yield can come to 85%-90%; No need to replace rubber rollers before using up, just simply exchange between the rollers.

3.Use long shedding, with uniform feeding and steady performance; Equipped with automatic feeding following mechanism, easy to operate.

4.Use vertical air channel for paddy separation, with better effect on separation, less grain content in rice hulls, less rice hulls contained in a mixture of husked rice and paddy.

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HJHB Pneumatic Rubber Roller Huller Working Principle

The rice huller machine can be used to husk for paddy and millet. The principle depends on a pair of rubber rollers which have different line speed which with opposite direction moving to squeeze and twist & tear grain for husking adopting a pneumatic system to adjust tighten roller pressure air cylinder control roller by automatic detection, and to push two roller”s touching and separating, mean while have grain passing, the roller touching and without grain passing the roller separating by hexagonal belt drive replace gear-box drive technology with a smaller noise and no oil leaking, more environmental protection. The separating between the mixture of grain and husk through a suction blower by the different suspend speed.


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