MNSW Double Emery Roller Rice Mill Machine

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Model MNSW 18F*2 MNSW 21.5F*2 MNSW 30F*2
Output(t/h) (2-3)*2 (3-4)*2 (5-6)*2
Power(kw) (18.5-22)*2 (30-37)*2 (30-45)*2
Air volume(m3/h) 2000-3000 3000-4000 4000-5000
Inner resistance(mmH2O) 200 200 200
Dimension(mm) 2070*1050*2000 2070*1100*2000 2250*1250*2160

MNSW Double Emery Roller Rice Mill Machine Introduction

This MNSW double emery roller rice machine is an ideal rice mill equipment for processing all grades of rice in the rice mill plant. It is designed with double emery roller, can mill high-quality white rice. This machine also designs with a blower to blow wind inside the roller, so that it can low the machine inside working temperature, then to promise the final white rice low breakage.

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And for this emery roller rice mill machine is the most important part for the rice mill production line, it set after the paddy rice separator machine and mill the brown rice directly into white rice. And this machine also can be used as a single machine for client home or farm use, it can directly mill the paddy rice into white rice. This rice mill machine designs with high capacity, less broken rice, easy to operate, and also convenient for maintenance and replacements. 

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MNSW Emery Roll Rice Whitener Features

1. Long roll milling, rice be more smooth and shinning, whole rice rate is higher

2. Parallel roller design, separate bran collectors, and independent air-flow adjustments, which facilitates stability and slowness in both milling chambers

3. Using the outer fan medium-voltage convulsions, additional air from the spindle two ends and feeding port, low temperature, less broken rice, and chaff rate is low

4. Rice exiting adopts drip graded plate and rice bran second separate device, can effectively cool and purification of rice

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