MNMT Iron Roller Rice Mill Machine

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Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
MNMT128 0.8-1.25 15-18.5 1030*700*1400
MNMT150 2-3 30-37 1300*800*1500
MNMT180 3-5 45-55 1500*900*15500

Iron Roller Rice Mill Machine Introduction

This model iron roller rice mill machine is popularly used in different places for users' needs, also suitable for the rice mill plant working, to mill paddy rice into white rice, high working efficiency, easy to operate, and use. This rice mill machine is designed with an iron roller inside, it can also deal with all grades of rice. It also has a blower to low the machine inside working temperature to make high quality and low breakage white rice. 

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Iron Roller Rice Mill Machine Application

For this iron roller rice mill, machine,it is also popularly used in the rice mill production line. And it most cooperate work with the emery roller rice mill machine in the whole rice mill plant. It set the emery roller machine, do with the function to mill the not well-milled rice from the emery roller rice mill, also another function is do like a rice polisher to polish the white rice more bright.

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And this machine can work as a single machine for the client’s needs also in the rice mill production line it can work itself for the whole plant, same working way, high working efficiency, low broken rate, compact structure, easy to operate and use. 

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MNMP Iron Roll Whitener Features

1.Special bearing mounting structure design, equipment installation is convenient, easy disassembly, long service life, stable operation.

2.Cantilever type milling chamber structure, remove rice sieve, sieve basket, iron roller, propeller is more convenient.

3.Steel structure screen bracket, high abrasion resistant rice sieve, rice knife, high brightness rice roll, low processing cost, performance improvement.

4. High pressure, high air volume, high negative pressure suction chaff, it is possible to process high moisture paddy.

5. Rice temperature is low, little broken rice, high precision, less rice bran powder, the bran discharging smoothly, high efficient.

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