MNML Vertical Iron Roller Rice Mill Machine

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Model MNML121 MNML126 MNML130
4-7 6-11 12-15
Main power(kw) 37-45 55-75 75-90
Winch power(kw) 1.5 1.5 2.2
Blower power(kw) 1.5 1.5 2.2
Air volume(m3/h) 2800 3000 3500
Dimension(mm) 1536*1345*2077 1657*1442*2106 1880*1490*2310
Weight(kg) 1100 1700 1900

Vertical Iron Roller Rice Mill Milling Machine Introduction

This model vertical iron roller is one of rice mill machine, it is a larger capacity rice processing machinery widely used in the large rice mill plant. This model rice mill machine is designed with a larger working capacity. 

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This rice mill machine designs with high capacity with a low broken rate. And its screen is a non-equilateral polygon with embossment, to increase rice kernel moving flexibility, and help to milling to reduce broken rate. For the bran scraping mechanism inside the bran discharge seat, favorable to rice bran discharging. And the split type structure for iron roll and the screw head, convenient to replacement, meanwhile they are processed by special chemical treatment, more durable and long service life. 

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And for this vertical rice mill machine, it always work cooperatively with the emery roller rice mill machine, to mill the brow promise whole line high capacity and smoothly work, also can work as a polisher machine to make the white rice more bright.

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MNML Vertical Iron Roll Whitener Features

1. Adoption of international standards, the use of imported components, the use of advanced manufacturing technology to create a new generation of beautiful, durable new rice machine;

2. Wear parts have reached the international level, durable, low maintenance;
With a current and a negative pressure display device, a throttle regulating device, convenient and reliable;

3. This machine can be used as a water pump and polisher;

4.Using auger forced feeding, flow stability. This machine is the feeding, discharging structure, without lifting equipment.

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