New Type 30T/D Rice Mill Machine

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Model  MTCP-30
Capacity  30ton/day, 1250-1500kg/h
Power 32kw
Factory Dimension 4500*2800*4000mm
Brand Hongjia

New Type 30T/D Modern Rice Mills Introduction
Our newly design 30T/D complete modern rice mill is an auto modern rice milling plant that consists of a whole set of rice milling machines. It can process paddy rice into national standard white rice just in one process. This 30T/D modern rice milling machine is suitable for the middle-scale rice milling process, which can process about 40-42ton paddy per day and get about 1500-1800kg white rice per hour. And the capacity and the machines in the rice mill equipment can be customized as your special requirement. So it’s the most ideal rice processing equipment for urban, rural, small, and medium-sized rice processing plants.

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This modern rice milling machine contains the rice cleaning machine, rice de-stoner machine, rice hulling machine, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice polishing machine, rice grading machine, rice color sorter, and rice packing machine. It is automatic working, convenient to operate and use, and widely used in small or medium-sized rice mill factories.

30T per day rice mill machine

30T/D Rice Mill Machine - Machine List
Name Model Power(Kw)
Single Elevator TDTG20/11 1.1
Combined Cleaner Destoner Machine ZQS70 0.5
Centrifugal Fan 4-72 3
Double Elevator TDTG18/08*2 1.1
Rice Huller LG20 4
Paddy Rice Separator MGCZ80*7 5.5
Centrifugal Fan 4-72 1.1
Strong pull wind emery roller rice mill MNMS15B 18.5

Optional Equipments:
1. White Rice Grader: The broken rice in the finished rice is separated to improve the quality of the finished rice
2. Rice Polisher: improving the appearance of milled rice by removing remaining bran particles and by polishing the exterior of the milled kernel, make the white rice more smoother and brighter
3. Rice Color Sorter:Selecting our the other colors rice or mildew rice from white rice, to remove the bad rice, black rice, yellow rice, half-husked rice, etc
4. Rice Packing Machine: Set the weight of each bag of maters for packing according to your needs and pack the white rice in bag, preparing milled rice for transport to the customer.
If you need a complete rice mill production line, incude rice polisher, rice grader, rice color sorter, and rice packing machine, etc, we also can supply you the machine and design it to you according to your needs.
30T/D Rice Processing Mill Unique Advantages
1. Suction Type Cleaning and Stone Removing Machine
The cleaning and stone removal machine is a suction type, and a cylindrical screen is added, so the cleaning effect is better. Suction prevents dust from leaking out and improves the operating environment.
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2. Strong Pull Wind Emery Roller Rice Mill
a. Equipped with a separate strong wind blower to clean the rice bran more thoroughly, make the rice cleaner, and effectively improve the gloss of the rice.
b. Lower the temperature of the rice, thereby effectively reducing the rate of broken rice
c. The operation height is reduced, the operation is more convenient, and the daily maintenance is convenient.
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3. Stable Gravity Paddy Separator
a. Our gravity paddy separator has large screen surface design, which has the excellent advantages of fast separation speed and uniform distribution
b. The horizontal and vertical angles of the screen surface can be adjusted, so it is suitable for different types rice.
c. Low broken rice rate
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4. Efficient Shell-Breaking, Low-noise Rice Hulling Machine
a. One-time shell breaking rate> 90%;
b. Long life of rubber roller,
c. Convenient operation and adjustment, high transmission efficiency, low noise and good stability.
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5. Multi-function Control Cabinet
a. Integrate a variety of control buttons, easy to operate
b. Current overload protection device to protect your electrical rice mill machine safe and stable

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30T/D Modern Rice Mill Machine Features

1. Fully automatic rice production line, less power consumption
2. Compact structure, nice performance, small volume
3. Modern design and high-efficiency output
4. Low noise and less consumption
5. Easy to operate and maintain
6. Output rice with high quality, low broken rate
7. Reasonable price 
This hot sale 30T/D modern rice milling machine is professional in paddy rice processing, it can process different shapes of paddy rice such as long shape, round shape, it also can process the parboiling paddy rice and paddy rice directly, with low broken rate and high rice yielding. 
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