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Product Name Paddy Parboiling Plant
Capacity 10T/D- 500T/D, according to your needs
Material Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel
Dimension Custom according to different needs
Brand Hongjia

Parboiled Rice Mill Plant / Parboiled Rice Mill Project Introduction

We offers a comprehensive turnkey project-10T-500T/D modern parboiled rice mill plant-from paddy intake to bagging and on-site services worldwide. Including paddy intake, paddy cleaning, (paddy parboiling) paddy drying system, paddy storage, paddy/rice conveying, destoning, husking, paddy separating, whitening/polishing, grading, silky/mist polishing, rice cooling, rice color sorting, packaging/bagging etc.

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Parboiled Rice Mill Plant Turnkey Solution Covers the Following Stages:

Stage1 Design of The Parboiled Rice Mill Plant

Stage2 Implementation of The Parboiled Rice Mill Plant

Stage3 Debugging of The Biomass Parboiled Rice Milling Plant

Stage4 Service & Operation Support of Parboiled Rice Mill

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Different Types of Parboiling Process

We offer rice process flexibility of choice, without compromising on Quality. The parboiling technology range is available for small, medium Or large scale processing and is able to cater for a wide variety of rice Application according to customer specific requirement

1. Single stage single steaming

2. Single stage double steaming

3. Three stage double Steaming

We offer complete set of parboiling plant equipment series 10 T/D to 500 T/D, With high rice yield and uniform rice quality.
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Wat is Parboiled Rice Mill Plant Processing?

1. Cleaning
In this stage we remove the dust from the paddy, 
If the paddy has dust when it is soaking it will pollute the water and influence the nutrition of rice. 

2. Soaking
The aim of soaking is make paddy absorb enough water, creat conditions for starch pasting. 
During the course of starch pasting paddy must absorb above 30% water, 
Or it will not be able to fully steam the paddy in next step and thus to influence the quality of rice. 

3. Steaming
After soaking the inside of endosperm has got many water, now its time to steam the paddy to realize starch pasting. 
Steaming can change the physical structure of rice and keep the nutrition, to increase the production ratio and make rice easy to store. 

4. Drying and cooling
The aim of drying is to make moisutre reduced from around 35% to around 14%. 
To reduce moisture can greatly increase the production ratio and make rice easy to store and transport. 

5. Husking
After soaking and steaming it will be very easy to husk the paddy and save energy. 

6. Milling.
The pearling of pre-boiled rice cost much more time than normal paddy. 
The reason is that after soaking the rice is easy to become smectic. In order to avoid this problem we use blowing rice miller, and increase the rotating speed of rice miller, the rice bran transmission adopt neaumatic type to reduce the friction. 

7. Polishing and grading
Grading machine is used to separate different quality rice and separate broken rice from the good ones. 
Good rice come through the polishing machine, it will make the milling rice become more beautiful color and more smooth, thus to increase the quality of rice. 

8. Color sorting
The rice we get from above step still has some bad rice, broken rice or some other grains or stone. 
So here we use color sorting machine to select the bad rice and other grains. 
Color sorting machine is an important machine to ensure we can get high quality rice. 

9. Packing
The finish rice now is ready dear all! Let's use our automatic weighing and packing machine to make them into 5kg 10kg or 50kg bags. This machine is electric type, you can set it like a small computer, then it will start working according to your request. From this machine you will get bag type rice and you can supply your rice to all your customer! 

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Parboiling Technical Solutions

1. Raw Paddy Storage Bins

Raw Paddy bins are generally made of stainless steel to ensure the strength and makes the bins more suitable for long term storage. These bins are consist of panels which are bolted, Hoppers can be delivered in square and round outlet, and the roof is designed with two side inclinations.

2.Soaking Tanks

Stainless Steel soaking tank is made professionally for commercial soaking of paddy in the huge water- filled vessel sata partiular temperature for a specific period of time. Our tanks have been designed to obtain a homogeneous soaking quality of the paddy, equally important for the soaking time of paddy , water quality and soaking temperature. These tanks are non-toxic and non-corrosive, meaning a safer, cleaner and more hygienic in nature.

3.Steaming Tanks

Stainless Steel Steaming Tanks made up with free- circulation steam system, Stainless steel Filters protect the grain, maintain processing efficiency. Steaming in tank is evenly distributing precisely moving and reach every single part of grain.


The Material is delivering in parboiling complete with Nut bolts, support construction, hoppers, platform, roof construction, plant decks, ladders, et c . for outdoor or indoor installation. Due to the modular design and construction, the parboiling allows easy extension in case of later demands for higher processing volume.


Normally, the Parboiling are installed on a certified steel construction according to the plant design. Structural analysis and design for new/existing according to parboiling process and storing facility of grain with civiland wind pressure parameters.


Our Parboiling Plant Ladders and cages are assembled from the floor to row section. Provided easy access to the each section of parboiling unit.


We used non Slippery Stainless Steel in both external and internal stages of parboiling.

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Parboiling Plant Cases

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