25T/D Modern Design Rice Mill Plant

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Model MTCP-25
Capacity 25ton/day, 1100-1350kg/h
Power 58kw
Factory Dimension 14000*6000*5000mm
Brand Hongjia



25T/D Rice Milling Plant Introduction

This modern design 25T/D Rice Milling Plant is an economical using complete rice processing machine with a capacity of 1100-1350kg per hour white rice. It contains a rice de-stoner machine, rice huller machine, paddy rice separator machine, rice polisher machine, rice mill machine. This type of rice mill plant can satisfy many clients' needs, and the color sorter machine and packing machine can be added following for needs. 

25 ton rice mill

25 ton rice mill (28)

Automatic working rice mill plant, with control box to control well, convenient to operate, and easy to maintain, final white rice products also can make with high working efficiency. 

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25T/D Auto Rice Mill Plant Features

1. Fully automatic rice production line, less power consumption

2. Compact structure, nice performance, small volume

3. Modern design and high-efficiency output

4. Low noise and less consumption

5. Easy to operate and maintain

6. Output rice with high quality, low broken rate

7. Reasonable price

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25T/D Auto Rice Mill Plant Structure

Our rice milling machine is a fully automatic rice production line, which includes the entire process from paddy cleaning, stone removal, rice milling, rice hulling, grain separation, rice polishing, rice color sorting, and final rice packaging. You no longer need any other machines, you can realize the entire processing from paddy rice to the final finished white rice. Therefore, this complete set of rice milling equipment is very popular. Welcome contact us for the details.

25T rice mill plant construction


Rice Milling Process Flow Chart

The auto rice mill plant can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process at the following flow chart. Paddy Cleaning-Destoning-Paddy Husking-Husk Separating-Rice Milling-Color Sorting-Rice Grading-Rice Packing.

25T rice milling machine

25T/D Auto Rice Mill Plant Layout Design

Our rice mill machines can be processed independently for agricultural production and continuous processing of commodity rice. It also can be designed according to your different needs. Welcome contact us for the details, thanks.

25T rice mill plant layout design

25T/D Auto Rice Mill Plant Details

1.Combined cleaner and destoner machine: it relized "two in one" which integrated with impirites cleaning and stone removing in a whole.
2.6inch rubber roller paddy huller machine: Gerless box, low noise, stable performance.
3.Paddy and rice separate machine: rice and brown rice are cleanly graded, high efficiency, energy saving and electricity saving.
4.Rice grader machine: Easy separate broken rice and whole rice.

25T rice mill machine details

How to Install and Debug the Rice Mill Machine

Rice Mill Machine Application

Our rice mill can process steamed rice, white rice, long rice, short rice, glutinous rice, etc. It is very suitable for farmer use, rice process workshop, rice factory, or reselling. Welcome contact us for the details, thanks.

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rice mill machine application

Project Cases

We have a strong R & D team and a professional production team. With a responsible and customer-oriented attitude, we have sent our rice mills to Nigeria, Mauritania, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Colobia, Senegal, Gambia, Sudan, Philippines, Indonesia, Uzbekistan,Peru, and many other countries, and have beed widely praised by customers. We firmly belive that technoogy and quality are of vital importance to enterises. Relying on strong scientific strength, advanced production tools, diligence and series attitude can make a manufacturing company develop long-term and achieve success.  Welcome visit our factory for our rice mill machine, thanks.

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Customer Visiting

Since the establishment of the company, many foreign friends have come to visit the factory and buy our rice mill machine. After coming to the factory, our customers very satisfied with the quality of our products. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit the factory.

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Products Packing and Shipping

The rice mill plant milling machine will be packed into wooden case before into container,it will guarantee the safety of all the machines. our deliver time is 25 days after desposits, also will depend on the order quantity. 

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