New Type 25T/D Rice Mill Plant

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Model MTCP-25
Capacity 25ton/day, 1100-1350kg/h
Power 58kw
Factory Dimension 14000*6000*5000mm
Brand Hongjia

New Type 25T/D Rice Mill Equipment Introduction
This is our newly designed rice mill equipment, which consists of a whole set of complete rice processing equipment. It can process paddy rice into national standard white rice just in one process. This 25T/D rice production equipment is suitable for the middle-scale rice milling process, which can process about 1300-1500kg paddy and get about 1100-1350kg white rice per hour. And the capacity and the machines in the rice mill equipment can be customized as your special requirement. So it’s the most ideal rice processing equipment for urban, rural, small, and medium-sized rice processing plants.

25ton complete rice mill factory
The rice processing equipment is also a complete rice production equipment, which contains a rice cleaning machine, rice destoner machine, rice hulling machine, rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice polisher machine, rice color sorter machine, rice packing machine, and rice elevator, etc. The paddy separation effect is very good, high working efficiency, small size can be easily set in any place or station or farms according to user's needs. Easy to operate and maintain, with less broken rate.

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25T/D Auto Rice Mill Plant Structure

Our rice milling machine is a fully automatic rice production line, which includes the entire process from paddy cleaning, stone removal, rice milling, rice hulling, grain separation, rice polishing, rice color sorting, and final rice packaging. You no longer need any other machines, you can realize the entire processing from paddy rice to the final finished white rice. Therefore, this complete set of rice milling equipment is very popular. Welcome contact us for the details.

rice mill machine layout
1. Paddy Hopper: feeding raw material to the rice mill machine
2. Paddy Cleaner & De-stoner: other light impurities such as dust and debris, block, the stone should be removed as much as possible to to reach better cleaning effect.
3. Rice Huller: a rice huller or paddy husker is an agricultural machine used to automate the process of removing the chaff (the outer husks) of grains of rice. 
4. Rice separator: it is mainly used for separating brown rice from paddy making use of their differences in specific gravity and friction coefficient in three parts: paddy, brown rice and a mix of both.
5. Rice Mill Machine: the rice whitening machine is developed for rice whitening, which is an advanced technology of the world rice mill whitener at present to make rice temperature down, bran content less, and broken increment lower.
6. Rice polisherrice polising machine, which polishes the rice surface by spraying water, which facilities the formation of a smooth gelatinous layer that prolongs the preservation time. Extended polishing chamber to produce high-quality rice.
7.Rice Grading Machinethe rice grader can sieve milled rice efficiently and accurately into several classes: head rice, large broken, medium broken, small broken, and etc.
8. Rice Color Sorter: the rice color soting machine is used to sort bad, milky, Chalky, Paddy, foreign materials out. The CCD signal while blanking is been tested. If it is found that there are unqualified rice or impurities in the materials, the ejector will blow the defective goods in the hopper.
9. Rice Packing Machine: this rationed automatic weighing packing machine consists of a material box, a packing scale, a sewing machine, and a conveyor belt. It can cooperate work with all the model's rice mill production line, and also for the packing bags capacity can choose 1-50kg per bag for your needs.

25ton complete rice mill

25T/D Rice Mill Equipment Features

1. Fully automatic rice production line, less power consumption
2. Compact structure, nice performance, small volume
3. Modern design and high-efficiency output
4. Low noise and less consumption
5. Easy to operate and maintain
6. Output rice with high quality, low broken rate
7. Reasonable price

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25T/D Rice Mill Equipment Layout Design

Our rice mill machines can be processed independently for agricultural production and continuous processing of commodity rice. It also can be designed according to your different needs. Welcome contact us for the details, thanks. 

25T rice mill plant layout design

Rice Mill MachineWorking Time

Rice Milling Process Flow Chart

The auto rice mill plant can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process at the following flow chart. Paddy Cleaning-Destoning-Paddy Husking-Husk Separating-Rice Milling-Color Sorting-Rice Grading-Rice Packing.
 rice processing flow chart
Rice Mill Machine Application
Our rice mill can process steamed rice, white rice, long rice, short rice, glutinous rice, etc. It is very suitable for farmer use, rice process workshop, rice factory, or reselling. Welcome contact us for the details, thanks.

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