DCS-L Flow Scale Machine

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Model Package range(kg) Weight capability(t/h) Dimension(mm)
DCS-30L 30 ≧10 990*830*1925
DCS-50L 50 ≧18 990*830*1925
DCS-100L 100 ≧30 1100*830*2135
DCS-300L 300 ≧100 customized

DCS-L Flow Scale Machine Introduction

DCS-L Flow Scale Machine is used for the accumulated calculation for raw materials in food, grains, and fodder industries, etc. It adopts imported sensor and gas-driven actuator that is reliable for operation and easy for maintenance. Materials purchased and calculation organs use wear-resistance imported materials that have longer use duration. 

It uses a materials control system to ensure the smoothness in the production process so as to truly realize the manual-free operation. The facade adopts advanced painting techniques that are easy for installation and covers a small area. The printer interface is reserved for printing of total volume. It is very popular in rice processing plant.


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DCS-L Flow Scale Machine Features

1. Products using imported sensor, pneumatic actuator, easy maintenance. 

2. Feeding and metering mechanism using imported materials, long service life.

3. Using a level control system, ensuring no blockage, truly realize the unmanned operation. 

4. The main material body is carbon steel, with painted plastic. 

5. Easy installation and small space required.

6. Reservation of printer interface.
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