MGCZ Gravity Paddy Separator

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Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
MGCZ80*6 0.8-1.3 1.1 1350*1000*1400
MGCZ80*7 1.1-1.5 1.1 1350*1000*1450
MGCZ100*6 1.2-1.6 1.1 1600*1250*1400
MGCZ100*7 1.3-2.1 1.1 1600*1250*1450
MGCZ100*8 2.1-2.4 1.1 1600*1250*1500
MGCZ100*10 2.5-3.2 1.5 1650*1250*1750
MGCZ100*12 3.4-4 1.5 1650*1250*1800
MGCZ100*14 4-4.9 1.5 1700*1350*1740
MGCZ100*16 4.5-5.6 1.5 1700*1350*1820

MGCZ Gravity Paddy Separator in Rice Mill Plant Introduction

MGCZ series gravity paddy rice separating machine is mainly used in the rice mill plant between the rice huller machine and rice mill machine. It mainly functions is to separate coarse rice mixture into pure coarse rice that has strong adaptability to raw materials featuring serious varietal complexity.

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It designs with many layers of sieves to separate the paddy rice and brown rice then send them into different working steps to be work. Its working principle makes according to the paddy rice and brown rice different gravity weight. For the paddy rice need to be well hulled then feed into the rice mill machine for making white rice. After the rice huller machine, some paddy may not be hulled well, so the paddy rice separator machine will separate these parts out and then send them back to the huller machine to be hulled again, again and again, then the well hulled brown rice will be feed into the rice mill machine for making white rice.

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The paddy rice separator machine no need larger motor power can make the work well, it is a very important part of making the whole production line smoothly and high capacity. And also for its inside layers can be made for clients different capacity needs. 

The paddy rice separator machine is designed with a compact structure, easy to operate and use low power consumption, and good applicability for long grain and short grain, steady performance. 

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MGCZ Gravity Paddy Separator in Rice Mill Plant Advantages


1. High capacity, steady performance, low noise, and power consumption.

2. Unique balance mechanisms ensure steady and excellent performance.

3. Adopting blade type swing mechanism and bearing of one-way clutch, prolong the service life of components.

4. Durable imported parts, advanced automatic stop system, convenient operation.

5. Suitable for various kinds of rice and mixtures, especially for the short-grain rice.

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MGCZ Gravity Paddy Separator Working Principle

Since paddy and brown rice have different specific gravity and friction coefficients, they will be graded automatically while the inclined reciprocating motion of the sieve plate. The brown rice left on the lower layer will adhere to the separating plate, then move upward and discharge from the upper outlet under the impact of lug boss on the separating plate. The paddy left in the upper layer will move downward and discharge from the below outlet under the effect of self-weight and push from the materials.

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